The Consumer Goods Privacy+ Consortium was established in 2023 by leading companies in the fast moving consumer goods sector. The CGPC seeks to assist members in meeting their data privacy responsibilities.


Understand changing legal landscape

Privacy and data protection requirements are rapidly evolving around the world.

Develop compliance tools and templates

By leveraging combined resources, members can augment their individual privacy programs.

Share best practices for privacy governance

Collectively, CGPC participants have many decades of experience in managing privacy programs.

Support sensible laws and regulation

CGPC members are committed to the protection of personal data and support sensible privacy requirements.


Changing requirements for digital advertising and how to stay compliant

The evolution of both law and technology is leading to changes in how companies conduct digital advertising.

Managing cross-border data flows in a multinational company

Global corporations need to transfer large amounts of personal data across country borders but controls on data exports make facilitating such transfers ever more complex.

Keeping apace with the avalanche of new US state privacy laws

California. Virginia. Connecticut. Colorado. Utah. Iowa. Indiana. Tennessee. Montana. Oh my.

Enabling the adoption of generative AI by leveraging existing privacy compliance tools

The scope of the privacy office at many companies is expanding as privacy professionals are being called upon to help develop data ethics programs to oversee the implementation of AI initiatives.

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